Utility Department

The utility department consists of sewer, street and water facility in Churubusco. With several miles of pipe running the town’s sewer collection and numerous people working hard daily to keep the water running and the streets clear, our Churubusco employees do everything they can to keep all of these departments operational. Learn More

Clerk’s Office

The Clerk-Treasurer’s Office is the financial arm of the Town.  The Clerk-Treasurer and Deputy Clerk conduct budgeting, payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, financial reporting, investment management, in short, the full complement of traditional accounting functions. Learn More

Police Department

The Churubusco police department is made up of four full-time officers covering the town & surrounding area 24 hours a day. They also employ three part-time officers as well as one reserve officer. Learn More

Street Department

The Town’s street system consists of approximately 11 miles of paved streets and alleys. The Street Department is responsible for the construction and daily operation and maintenance of Town streets, including street signing, lighting, bike paths, sidewalks, storm drainage, snow removal, sweeping and utility locates. Learn More