Minutes- 12/21/16

Meeting Minutes – December 21, 2016

The Churubusco Town Council met on December 21, 2016 at 6:30 p.m. in the Town Hall. Members present were acting President Mark Pepple, Council Member Bruce Johnson, and Clerk-Treasurer Madalyn Sade-Bartl. Also in attendance was area resident Pat Liggett; Rachel Rosfeld, Post & Mail; and Town Marshal.

Acting President Mark Pepple called the meeting to order, welcomed visitors and led the Pledge of Allegiance. Roll was called by the Clerk. Frank Kessler was absent. All other members were present.

Approval of December 7, 2016 meeting minutes:
Mr. Johnson made a motion to approve the minutes as presented. Mr. Pepple seconded and the motion carried 2-0.

Approval of Claims and Payroll Vouchers:
Claims Vouchers dated for December 21, 2016 in the amount of $91,481.60 were approved.

Public Comment:
There were no public comments.

Old Business:
There was no old business.

New Business:

1. Internal Controls Policy:
Ms. Bartl explained the State had mandated every taxing unit have an internal controls policy in place by the end of 2016. She presented a boilerplate ordinance and explained a full internal controls policy would be included in the policy manual update in early 2017. Mr. Johnson made a motion to approve Ordinance 2016-24. Mr. Pepple seconded and the motion carried 2-0.

2. Salary Ordinance Amendment:
When the original 2017 salary ordinance was approved, the salaried Utility Clerk pay did not reflect the same amount made by other department heads. Mr. Johnson made a motion to approve the change the bi-weekly amount to $1884.48. Mr. Pepple seconded and the motion carried 2-0

3. Bobcat Planer Quote:
Mr. Hart left the attached quote for a Bobcat planer attachment. She explained the purchase could be approved and ordered in 2016 with delivery in 2017 and 2016 money could be encumbered for the purchase, similar to what occurs with the police cars. Mr. Johnson made a motion to approve the purchase of the Bobcat planer. Mr. Pepple seconded and the motion carried 2-0.

Department Reports:
Jeremy Hart, Town Supervisor:
Mr. Hart was not present, but left a report.

Bob Gray, Waste Water Treatment Plant Supervisor
Mr. Gray was not present.

Michael Engle, Town Marshal:
Marshal Engle stated the county was changing to the Spillman System for their CAD. It will end up costing the Town about $100 per month to subscribe to the system. He also reported he ordered the new Durango and it should be here by February.

Rick Krider, Park Supervisor:
Mr. Krider was not present.

Ron Felger, Town Attorney:
Mr. Felger was not present.

Council Reports:
President Frank Kessler:
President Kessler was not present.

Bruce Johnson:
Mr. Johnson stated he attended a solid waste meeting, but had nothing new to report.

Mark Pepple:
Mr. Pepple voiced he would like to discuss making a donation to help purchase fireworks for Turtle Days.

Madalyn Sade-Bartl:
Ms. Sade-Bartl stated her ICE student would be starting on January 3.

Having no other business and after all proper papers were signed, President Kessler adjourned the regular meeting.

Council President, Frank Kessler

Council Member, Bruce Johnson

Council Member, Mark Pepple


Madalyn Sade-Bartl, Clerk-Treasurer

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