Minutes 3/1/17

Meeting Minutes- March 1, 2017

The Churubusco Town Council met on March 1, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. in the Town Hall. Members present were President Mark Pepple, Council Members Frank Kessler and Bruce Johnson, and Clerk- Treasurer, Madalyn Sade-Bartl. Also in attendance were area residents Sarah Mayer, Jera Kessler, and Pat Liggett; Miles Wilson, Churubusco Youth Foundation; Nicole Minier, Churubusco News; Rachael Rosfeld, Post & Mail; Town Supervisor, Jeremy Hart; and Park Superintendent, Rick Krider.

Council President Pepple called the meeting to order, welcomed visitors and led the Pledge of Allegiance. Roll was called by the Clerk-Treasurer. All members were present.

Approval of February 15, 2017 meeting minutes:
Mr. Johnson made a motion to approve the minutes for the meeting of February 15, 2017. Mr. Pepple seconded and the motion carried 2-0 with President Kessler abstaining.

Approval of Claims and Payroll Vouchers:
Claims Vouchers dated for March 1, 2017 in the amount of $144,554.83 were approved.

Public Comment:
Sarah Mayer was advised to ask the Council for permission to build a fence that encroached onto the Town’s utility easement. Mr. Hart stated he would consider it.

Old Business:
There was no old business.

New Business:
1. Youth Foundation update: Miles Wilson, President of the Churubusco Youth Foundation, approached Council to give them an update on fundraising efforts for the new playground. He stated that through grants and private donations, the Foundation was over halfway in meeting their fundraising goal and anticipated fundraising would be complete by mid-summer. President Pepple suggested an advisory board with representatives from both the Foundation and Town be assembled once final decisions were ready to be made. The Council agreed and Mr. Wilson stated he would also like to see that occur so no one person or entity was making those decisions.

Department Reports:
Jeremy Hart, Town Supervisor
Mr. Hart presented the attached report.

Bob Gray, Waste Water Treatment Plant Supervisor
Mr. Gray was not present, but Mr. Hart stated all was well at the Plant.

Michael Engle, Town Marshal:
Marshal Engle was not present.

Rick Krider, Park Supervisor:
Mr. Krider stated he was considering having video cameras installed along the trail in the woods and on the new deck. He was also in need of a new scoreboard on Diamond 4 with estimates being around $6000.

Ron Felger, Town Attorney:
Mr. Felger was not present.

Council Reports:
President Frank Kessler:
Mr. Kessler stated he was glad to be back. He was happy to report Kyler’s Ridge had been funded through IHCDA.

Bruce Johnson:
Mr. Johnson reported Columbia City was putting out surveys to their residents seeing if they would like recycling service every week. He felt it was not necessary in Churubusco to which there was some disagreement. President Pepple felt that it may be something to visit after Columbia City found out how much extending that service would cost their residents.

Mark Pepple:
Mr. Pepple had nothing to report.

Madalyn Sade-Bartl:
Ms. Sade-Bartl reported the annual report was submitted. She also stated she would be out all next week at ILMCT Institute and Road School. She also would be attending a preconstruction meeting at INDOT on the 14th. Finally, she had met with the OCRA representative concerning Stellar and had received excellent guidance on applying this year.

Having no other business and after all proper papers were signed, President Kessler adjourned the regular meeting.

Council President, Mark Pepple

Council Member, Bruce Johnson

Council Member, Frank Kessler


Madalyn Sade-Bartl, Clerk-Treasurer

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