Minutes 7/19/17

Meeting Minutes –July 19, 2017


The Churubusco Town Council met on July 19, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. in the Town Hall. Members present were Council Members Mark Pepple, Bruce Johnson, and Frank Kessler, and Clerk-Treasurer Madalyn Sade-Bartl. Also in attendance was area resident Pat Liggett; Town Marshal, Mike Engle; Wastewater Superintendent, Bob Gray; and Town Supervisor, Jeremy Hart.


President Pepple called the meeting to order, welcomed visitors and led the Pledge of Allegiance. Roll was called by the Clerk. All members were present.


Approval of July 5, 2017 meeting minutes:

Mr. Johnson made a motion to approve the minutes from June 21, 2017 as presented. Mr. Kessler seconded and the motion carried 3-0.


Approval of Claims and Payroll Vouchers:

Claims Vouchers dated for July 19, 2017 in the amount of $156,388.34 were approved.


Public Comment:

There were no public comments.


Old Business:

COMMUNITY CROSSINGS APPLICATION: Ms. Bartl updated the Council that the recent Community Crossing grant application required more local match than anticipated given storm water and drainage improvements were eligible under the program and there had been issues with drainage for several years. This increased the project cost from roughly $650,000 to over $1 million and increased the Town match from $160,000 to $285,000. Mr. Kessler stated he was ok with this increase because if the Town is going to complete this major project, we need to do it correctly and help eliminate the risk of having to go back and correct issues we have neglected. President Pepple was also in favor of the expanded project as he felt the Town should apply for funds, especially when the match is only 25%, whenever they are made available.


New Business:

Ordinance 2017-10: Ordinance to create a Stellar fund: Ms. Bartl explained the Town needed to create a fund for Stellar monies to be deposited into. She stated the Town would be soon be receiving $11,000 for planning and a quick impact project, but until those funds are received (a process that could take up to 30 days) funds to start that fund would need to be transferred from Economic Development to pay for expenditures associated with Stellar. Mr. Kessler stated there is a need for this fund both for the application round and should we be awarded. Mr. Johnson made a motion to approve Ordinance 2017-10 and transfer of $1000 to start the fund. Mr. Kessler seconded and the motion carried 3-0.


Department Reports:

Jeremy Hart, Town Supervisor:

Mr. Hart left the attached report. He also stated BRC appeared to do everything to specifications. Mr. Gray stated he had inspected the area and taken pictures prior to the site being closed.


Bob Gray, Waste Water Treatment Plant Supervisor

President Pepple asked Mr. Gray if he had verified the issues at BRC had been corrected. Mr. Gray stated he walked through the plant and they have done what they stated they would do, but they would also be testing the facility three times a week for three weeks to verify the problem had been corrected. Other than the issues at BRC, everything else was running fine, he stated.



Michael Engle, Town Marshal:

Marshal Engle stated Adam was on light duty as he hurt his back. He should be cleared by Monday.


Rick Krider, Park Supervisor:

Mr. Krider was not present.


Ron Felger, Town Attorney:

Mr. Felger was not present.


Council Reports:

President Frank Kessler:

President Kessler stated he would be attending the community roundtable on Thursday.


Bruce Johnson:

Mr. Johnson reported Solid Waste had excess funds and they were unsure how to spend them.


Mark Pepple:

Mr. Pepple had nothing to report.


Madalyn Sade-Bartl:

Ms. Sade-Bartl reported the Churubusco Youth Foundation opened their Patronicity grant the previous Thursday and had already met half their matching goal. She also stated she was working on Stellar and had submitted the Community Crossings application.


Having no other business and after all proper papers were signed, President Pepple adjourned the regular meeting.




Council President, Mark Pepple



Council Member, Bruce Johnson




Council Member, Frank Kessler






Madalyn Sade-Bartl, Clerk-Treasurer


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