minutes 10/4/17

Meeting Minutes – October 4, 2017


The Churubusco Town Council met on October 4, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. in the Town Hall. Members present were Council President Mark Pepple, Council Member Frank Kessler, and Deputy Clerk, Kari Shively. Also in attendance were area residents Pat Ligget, Alan Malcolm, and Nancy Wright; Sue Hamilton, Dick Hamilton, and Ron Rennaker, Blue Lake Conservancy District; Andrew Grossnickle, Blue Lake Conservancy District Board Attorney; Town Marshal Mike Engle; Waste Water Treatment Plant Supervisor Bob Gray; and Park Supervisor Rick Krider.


Council President Mark Pepple called the meeting to order, welcomed visitors and led the Pledge of Allegiance. Roll was called by Deputy Clerk, Kari Shively.  Clerk-Treasurer Madalyn Sade-Bartl and Council member Bruce Johnson were absent.


Approval of September 20, 2017 meeting minutes:

Mr. Kessler made a motion to approve the minutes from September 20, 2017. President Pepple seconded the motion. Due to President Pepple being absent for the September 20, 2017 Council meeting, the minutes will be approved at the October 18, 2017 Council meeting.


Approval of Claims and Payroll Vouchers:

Claims Vouchers dated for October 4, 2017 in the amount of $151,517.21 were approved.


Public Comment:

There was no public comment.


Old Business:

1. Blue Lake Conservancy District Amended Contract: Mr. Grossnickle, Blue Lake Conservancy District Board Attorney, stated drafts have been submitted back and forth and Monday evening the Blue Lake Board approved and passed the Amendment to Municipal Wastewater Service Agreement between the Town of Churubusco and the Blue Lake Conservancy District. Mr. Grossnickle stated he wanted to bring the Town Council up to speed and will leave a copy of what the Blue Lake Board signed for the Council’s consideration. Mr. Pepple asked the Blue Lake Board members that were in attendance if there would be any change in the capacity coming out. Mr. Hamilton reported there would not be much – will go from 102,000 per day to 132,000 per day. Mr. Kessler stated the only thing he sees that would need changed is #5 – The parties agree that there will be no future connections to the force main without prior written authorization of the District. Mr. Kessler stated he believes it should be changed to the Town will notify the Blue Lake Conservancy and doesn’t necessarily mean the Town has to get approval since it is the Town’s line. Mr. Grossnickle stated he will go back and talk with the Engineer and the Board regarding the change.


New Business:

Mr. Johnson was present during the new business portion of the Council meeting and reported Jenna will be stepping down as Turtle Days president and they are trying to find a replacement. The Turtle Days Board will hold a vote in November for the new President. Mr. Kessler asked Mr. Johnson if Turtle Days will be providing the Town Council with a report. Mr. Johnson stated he will get a hold of Jenna and let her know.


Department Reports:

Jeremy Hart, Town Supervisor:

Mr. Hart was not present but left a report.


Bob Gray, Waste Water Treatment Plant Supervisor

Mr. Gray was present and reported all reports are in and the plant is running fine.


Michael Engle, Town Marshal:

Marshal Engle was present but did not have anything to report.




Rick Krider, Park Supervisor:

Mr. Krider was present and reported the splash pad will be shut down this week and Sunday will be the last day. Mr. Krider also reported everything is running pretty smooth back at the park. Not all of the trail signs are up yet but he spoke with Mr. Hart and the rest of the signs should be up next week. President Pepple stated to Mr. Krider he appreciates all of the work as it looks great back at the park.


Ron Felger, Town Attorney:

Mr. Felger was not present.


Council Reports:

Frank Kessler:

Mr. Kessler did not have anything to report.


Bruce Johnson:

Mr. Johnson did not have anything to report.


President Mark Pepple:

President Pepple reported he will be leaving Monday for AIM and will return Thursday afternoon.


Madalyn Sade-Bartl:

Ms. Sade-Bartl was not present. Ms. Shively did not have anything to report for Ms. Sade-Bartl.


Having no other business and after all proper papers were signed, President Pepple adjourned the regular meeting.




Council President, Mark Pepple



Council Member, Bruce Johnson




Council Member, Frank Kessler






Kari Shively, Deputy Clerk

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