Minutes- 1/17/18

Meeting Minutes- January 17, 2018


The Churubusco Town Council met on January 17, 2018 at 6:30 p.m. in the Town Hall. Members present were Council Members Mark Pepple, Frank Kessler, and Bruce Johnson; and Clerk- Treasurer, Madalyn Sade-Bartl. Also in attendance were area residents Carol Bullock, Sue Arnold, Doug Shroyer, Rusty Parish, Shane Trump, Yvonne Bianski, Nick Bianski, and Greg Salesman; Rachael Rosfeld, Post & Mail; Jeremy Hart, Town Supervisor; and Mike Engle, Town Marshal.


President Kessler called the meeting to order, welcomed visitors and led the Pledge of Allegiance. Roll was called by the Clerk-Treasurer. All members were present.


Approval of January 3, 2018 meeting minutes:

Mr. Johnson made a motion to approve the minutes for the meeting of January 3, 2018. Mr. Pepple seconded, and the motion carried 3-0.


Approval of Claims and Payroll Vouchers:

Claims Vouchers dated for January 17, 2018 in the amount of $137,646.50 were presented and approved.


Public Comment:

Doug Shroyer, owner of Michelle’s Uptown, voiced his opposition to the possibility of the alley between Citgo and Mom’s Lighthouse being closed to truck traffic due to deliveries being made to the area businesses. Rusty Parish, owner of Citgo, also was against the alley closing because he felt garbage trucks and semi-trucks would have difficulty entering from Mulberry Street. He also pointed out that the Mom’s Lighthouse building encroached the right-of-way. President Kessler asked Marshal Engle his thoughts on how this situation could be rectified. Engle stated to make the alley one-way may help, but knew people would still go the wrong way in the alley. Engle also stated the awning of the building does hang in the right-of-way. Sue Arnold, owner of Mom’s Lighthouse, was very upset the continued to be hit and wanted the situation to be resolved. President Kessler stated the Council would continue to consider the situation and would keep the involved parties informed.


Nick & Yvonne Bianski asked Council when the collapsed storm drain located on their property would be fixed. They were concerned it would collapse further and damage their property or cause an injury. Mr. Hart stated he was working on a solution and it would be complete by the fall. The Bianskis were not pleased with that answer as this was the third time a sink hole had formed in their yard in the past five years. President Kessler stated it was a very large drain and it was not something that could be fixed overnight. He stated Hart would keep them updated.


Old Business:

Sign contract with API for South Side Sewer Project: President Kessler asked Council if they had time to review the contract API had sent for the South Side Sewer project. Pepple and Johnson stated they had and saw no issues. The Council then signed the contract.


New Business:

Churubusco Youth League Contract: The attached contract was presented to the Council. Mr. Pepple had asked if the Youth League had looked it over. Kessler stated a copy had been forwarded to their president. Mr. Pepple made a motion to approve the 2018 Youth League contract. Mr. Johnson seconded, and the motion carried 3-0.


Department Reports:

Jeremy Hart, Town Supervisor

Mr. Hart presented the attached report.


Bob Gray, Waste Water Treatment Plant Supervisor

Mr. Gray was not present.


Michael Engle, Town Marshal:

Marshal Engle asked to post a job opening for another part-time officer. He stated that with Officer Archbold and Officer Chordas’s limited schedules, he was having some difficulties finding part-time officers to cover shifts, especially during vacations and holidays. The Council approved the request.


Rick Krider, Park Supervisor:

Mr. Krider was not present.


Ron Felger, Town Attorney:

Mr. Felger had nothing to report.


Council Reports:

President Frank Kessler:

Mr. Kessler stated Main Street Churubusco had approved and paid for the mural that would be hung on the Churubusco News building. He also stated he had attended the Stellar feedback meeting with Ms. Bartl. Ms. Bartl stated there was not really any negative feedback given and the committee complimented Churubusco for its application and site visit, but stated it was a very competitive year. Mr. Johnson asked if Churubusco would be trying again. Ms. Bartl stated the program was changing to a regional approach, so more than likely not.


Bruce Johnson:

Mr. Johnson reported he had attended a Solid Waste meeting. He also stated Turtle Days was holding an emergency meeting that evening because both Jenna and Tess stepped down.


Mark Pepple:

Mr. Pepple reported EMA had been cancelled.


Madalyn Sade-Bartl:

Ms. Sade-Bartl stated she was almost finished with closing out 2017 and that w-2s would be mailed out the following day. She also stated she would be attending the annual Community and Urban Forestry Conference in Indy the following week. The title work for the Library was being completed and she hoped it would be done by the 1st of the month. Mr. Felger was also working on the necessary deed protection language that was being required from the DNR for the Park and that paperwork should be finished by the next meeting. The Downtown Enhancement Grant award letter had been received and should be signed by the end of the week. And finally, she was working on getting an easement from C&A for the South Side Sewer Project. She was working with Mr. Felger and C&A’s attorneys on getting that completed so the project can move forward


Having no other business and after all proper papers were signed, Mr. Pepple adjourned the





Council President, Frank Kessler



Council Member, Bruce Johnson





Council Member, Mark Pepple





Madalyn Sade-Bartl, Clerk-Treasurer

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