RFP for Preliminary Engineering

January 10, 2020

Re:       Request for Proposals

Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion and System Improvements Study

Churubusco, Indiana


Dear Engineering Consultant:


The Town of Churubusco is releasing a Request for Proposals (RFP) from engineering consultants interested in providing a study for the expansion of the Churubusco Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) and improvements to the sanitary sewer collection system. The Project includes preparation of a Preliminary Engineering Study (PES) for use in planning and utility rate increases. It is anticipated that the future construction project will be funded through a municipal bond.


Through this RFP process, the Town will be able to make a qualification and fee-based selection for professional engineering services, considering a firm’s specific interest, workload and capabilities, associated fees, as well as past performance of the proposed staff.

If your firm is interested in proposing on this Project, Proposals must be received no later than 12:00pm (local time) on Wednesday, Feburary 5, 2020.


Proposals should be limited to a maximum of 25 single sided pages. Supplemental and additional information (such as resumes and more detailed relevant project information) may be provided in appendices and are excluded from the above page limit.

Please submit 6 copies of the Proposal in a sealed envelope with the following information written in the bottom left hand corner of the envelope:



Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion and System Improvements Study

Name of firm submitting the statement of qualification


Your Proposal should be forwarded to the following address:

Town of Churubusco

Attn: Madalyn Sade-Bartl, Clerk Treasurer

204 N. Line Street
Churubusco, Indiana 46723



Proposals shall include the following information and organized as follows:


  1. Key Personnel

The proposed team shall demonstrate a high level of technical expertise, experience and qualifications for this Project. The team should also demonstrate that they have the adequate team member capacity to perform the required services. Consultant’s Project Manager and key personnel must show recent, relevant experience and knowledge of wastewater treatment plants, with references (phone number and email address).

Identify key personnel likely to be assigned to the Project and provide the following:

  • Describe your approach to overall team formation and working relationships proposed, as well as coordination of team members.
  • Short summary of the qualifications, relevant experience and proposed roles of key personnel.
  • Resumes of Key Personnel
  1. Relevant Experience

Provide information on relevant projects that your firm has performed that best demonstrates your firm and your proposed key personnel’s current qualifications and ability to perform the work of similar size, scope, and budget.

  • Project name, location and summary of work, and client contact
  • A clear demonstration of which key personnel proposed in your submittal were involved significantly (had relevant experiences/roles) in the projects being listed as relevant
  • Services provided by the firm
  1. Summary of Approach and Understanding

Provide a short summary indicating your understanding of the Project and general information on your proposed approach to complete the Project.

  • Describe your firm’s approach to managing this Project
  • Include any recommendations on “keys for success” or critical items you believe are important to Project success
  1. Office Location

Provide the location of office where key staff will be located.

  1. Project Schedule and Fee

Provide the proposed schedule and fee for completion of the Preliminary Engineering Study.



All submitted Proposals will be scored on the Basis of Evaluation (100 points total) for scoring listed below.

  • Key Personnel (Project Manager, Lead Project Engineer, other key personnel)                 30 points
  • Relevant Experience                                                                            20 points
  • Summary of Approach and Understanding                                          25 points
  • Office Location                                                                                    5 points
  • Project Schedule and Fee                                                                     20 points

The Town of Churubusco will utilize the scoring results to select the firm.

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