Proposed Ordinance 2020-06: Salary Ordinance Changes




BE IT ORDAINED by the Town Council of the Town of Churubusco, Whitley County, Indiana, that the following will be the established salaries for elected officials and all other employees of the Town of Churubusco for the fiscal year 2020.

Section 1         Established salaries by the Churubusco Town Council.

Town Council President                                $472.08 Monthly                                             

Council Members                                          $429.17 Monthly    

50% General Fund, 25% Water Fund, 25% Sewer Fund


Section 2         Establishes salary for Clerk-Treasurer

Clerk–Treasurer                                             $732.54 Bi-weekly     

                    100% General


Section 3         Establishes salary for Town Supervisor

Town Supervisor                                            $165.27 Bi-weekly     

20% MVH, 40% Sewer, 40% Water

The Town Supervisor is required to attend all Town Council meetings as part of his/her salaried position.


Section 4         Establishes salary for Certified Grant Administrator

Grant Administrator                                       $165.27 Bi-weekly     

50% General, 25% Sewer, 25% Water

The Grant Administrator is required to maintain all certifications and requirements related to this designation.


Section 5         Establishes salaries & wages for the Churubusco Police Department.

Town Marshal                                                $ 2302.05 Bi-weekly

                                                            Straight time-             $    28.78     hour

Overtime-                   $    43.16     hour 

The Town Marshal is required to attend one Town Council meeting per month as part of his/her salaried position.



Deputy Marshal #1                                         $ 2095.89 Bi-weekly

Straight time-             $    26.20     hour

Overtime-                   $    35.94     hour

With more than two years’ service and academy training


Deputy Marshal #2                                         $ 1916.76 Bi-weekly

Straight time-             $    23.96     hour

Overtime-                   $    35.94     hour

With less than two years’ service

Part-Time academy trained officers               $24.88 per hour


Full-Time Marshal salary- 100% General Fund

School Resource Officer salary- 100% Public Safety LOIT

Full-Time Overtime- 100% Public Safety LOIT

Part-Time Officer wages- 100% Public Safety LOIT


Section 6         Establishes salaries & wages for Street and Utility Employees.

Street and Utility Superintendent                   $2320.96 bi-weekly


Full Time Water Supervisor                           $2320.96 bi-weekly

Part Time Water Supervisor                          $32.46 Hour


Full Time Waste Water Supervisor                $2320.96 bi-weekly

Part Time Waste Water Supervisor                $32.46 Hour               


Full-time Utility Assistant-Certified               $25.17 Hour               


Full-time Utility Assistant-Non-Certified (per hour)

                         #1                                                                    $22.41

#2                                                                   $20.17

#3                                                                    $19.62


Part-time Utility Employees

Class Number

#1                                                                    $20.37

#2                                                                    $16.82

#3                                                                    $13.04

#4                                                                    $  8.17


All department supervisors are required to attend one Town Council meeting per month as part of their salaried position.


                 Street & Utility employees- 60% Water fund, 20% MVH, 20% Sewer

Waste Water Employees- 100% Sewer

Water Employees- 100% Water


Section 7      Establishes the salaries & wages for Utility Clerk & Deputy Utility

         Clerk- FT

                     Utility Clerk- Full Time (salaried)

                        #1                                                                    $1569.51 bi-weekly

#2                                                                    $1424.30 bi-weekly

Deputy Utility Clerk (per hour)

                        #1                                                                    $19.62

#2                                                                    $17.80                          

#3                                                                    $16.20

                        Establishes the wages for Part-time Utility Clerk.

Clerical #1                                          $13.04  Hourly

Clerical #2                                          $ 8.17  Hourly


Utility Clerk, Deputy Utility Clerk & Clerical employees

40% Sewer, 40% Water, 20% General


Section 8         Establishes wages for full-time Park Director and part-time park employees.

Park Director                         $16.35 Hourly

The Park Director is required to attend one Town Council meeting

per month as part of his/her salaried position.

Part Time and Seasonal Park Employees (per hour)

            #1                                                                    $16.82

#2                                                                     $13.04

#3                                                                       $8.17

100% Park Fund



Section 9         Establishes wages for School Crossing Guard

                        School Crossing Guard                                  $13.04 Hourly            

                        100% Public Safety LOIT



This Ordinance having been read, amended, passed, and adopted by the Town Council of the Town of Churubusco, Indiana, this 15th day of April, 2020 and shall be in full force and effective April 20, 2020 to December 27, 2020.


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